TACO Technologies (Pty) Ltd represents a true Namibian company, all shareholders are Namibian citizens, its partners and associates are Namibians and its location is also Namibian. We operate from our Head office in Windhoek, have a small complement of staff to avoid large overheads and have dedicated our activities to the development of skills and knowledge transfer.

TACO Technologies (Pty) Ltd main activities at present are relating to the provision of technology solutions to the Namibian Government & Namibian private sector for specialized software solutions, identification & travel documents, currency & processing, supply of aviation technologies, document management solutions, HR & Payroll solutions, asset tracking, security related technology and consulting services.

TACO Technologies (Pty) Ltd is committed to engage in projects that are developing the Namibian infrastructure, will benefit the Namibian employment and development sector and ultimately contribute to our endeavours to transfer essential skills to our local service infrastructure.

TACO Technologies (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012 to conform to the new guidelines on Namibian Companies embedded in the Policy developed within the Ministry of Trade & Industry at the time and was cultivated from the original business which was established in 1990, with the Independence of Namibia. Our company supplied a large variety of products and services to the Namibian Government and Private sector. Such products and services include the establishment of the first Standard A Satellite Earth Station, Foreign Aid facilitation to increase food production capacity in the rural areas, ID Solutions, maintenance and upgrade of such systems, currency processing machinery, provision of specialized software solution to the aviation sector, document management solutions, HR & Payroll services and many smaller projects.

TACO Technologies (Pty) Ltd is BEE compliant in terms of the PPCC, with the appropriate ratings to qualify as a truly empowered Namibian organisation.