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    TACO Technologies ID solutions
    Trustworthy ID documents are the cornerstone of any National Government.

    Most countries have implemented National ID documents that meet the highest standards in terms of forgery protection. At the same time, both citizens and officials want an ID CARD or PASSPORT that is easy in the daily use thereof and limits verification to only the relevant data for each purpose. Knowledge and know-how make for a responsible approach.

    Our success in the region is obvious, and now includes three SADC countries where such products and services are applied.

    Taco Technologies partnered with Veridos, a German JV between Gieseke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei, to provide such solutions to Governments in Southern Africa and is best described in their own words below; "Our participation includes consulting on the decision of the card material and security features as well as the operating systems and applications and cryptographic mechanisms; data acquisition in registration offices and secure data transmission; and even the personalization of the documents."

    Veridos draws on 150 years of experience and wealth of know-how around the globe in finding solutions to these needs. From consulting and R&D to project management and operational oversight, it works to identify integrated system solutions and services that fulfill national and international specifications without compromising the privacy of citizens. This responsible approach combined with its market-leading know-how and technology makes it the preferred partner for sensitive issues involving the public trust.

    Individual solutions for individual needs.



    Veridos GmbH creates secure and pioneering identification and identity solutions. Founded in January 2015, the joint venture between Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich, and Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin, offers its customers a unique product portfolio from a single source. For instance, it covers the entire value chain for passports, from paper right through to the eGates. The German company is a reliable partner valued by governments and public authorities – so far, it can count over 70 countries among its customers. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin and the operating facility in Munich, Veridos is represented around the world.

    Our success story started in Namibian with the National ID, ePassports and now includes three other SADC countries where such products are applied.

    TACO Technologies VERIDOS
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    TACO Technologies Document warehouse
    lobodms is a full-fledged document management system, equipped with all major functionality and features.

    Based on the latest technology, it is currently one of the most innovative products on the market in Europe. It eliminates paperwork and provides the best solutions to optimize your work processes. Thanks to the quick access, as well as the automated archiving of your scanned­ and digital documents, you save time and money.

    lobodms offers a variety of interfaces. Packages like Microsoft, NAV, AXA, Cobra, SAP, KIDICAP and many others are fully interfaced and will enhance your product capability to suite your requirement. With lobodms, you do not get an isolated application, but rather a open software application that integrates perfectly into the collaborative environment of today's corporate structures.

    TACO Technologies LOBODMS
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    H2O On Guard
    H2OnGuard is a permanently installed smart water meter with software enabling property owners, tenants or managers to know precisely per hour what water is being consumed, wasted, lost or even stolen via your smart phone, tablet or desktop

    No SIM card required
    Installed inside your property (Vandalism risk reduced)
    Verify your municipal readings
    Dispute unfair water allocations
    Don’t wait for your municipal bill to find out you have a leak
    React to a burst pipe within 1 hour by clicking our link for repairs
    Set your own daily pre Alert consumption levels
    Web based – view from wherever you are, remotely
    Simple Installation & Configuration
    Short term payback

    Solutions for:
    Residential Estates Domestic Properties Commercial Properties
    Pinpoint Leak
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    TACO Technologies Tracking
    Our Tracking solution offers a “White Labeled solution” meaning you can offer our platform to your customers and brand it with your own identity.
    Features include:
    Live Asset Tracking
    Watch in real time as your fleet moves around on the world map
    Activity Streams
    See what an asset is up to at any given moment. Quickly view current and past trip activities as they are completed
    Customizable Alert Engine
    Build up alerts from events generated by your assets and customize them with even more configurable filters. Alert your users via SMS or email
    Asset State Engine
    Customizable Reports
    Detailed Trip Replays
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    TACO Technologies
    In the specialized field of aviation software we partnered with EMPIC of Germany.

    Our standard software solution EMPIC-EAP® helps Civil or Military Aviation Authorities implement national and international regulations from ICAO, EC, EASA, Eurocontrol and JAA.

    We are a supplier focusing clearly on standard software for CAAs and MAAs. Thus we combine a large spectrum of applications into an integrated module solution covering the core areas of a CAA/MAA leading to a complete " Safety Oversight Management System" :

    Central Modules
    Personnel Licensing
    Organisation Approval and Surveillance
    Technical Areas

    We created a software solution worth more than 19 Mio Euros. With a small financial share from your side you get the whole value.

    You will benefit from the advanced features. You will save money - the approach of standard software!


    Since 1999 EMPIC have been working with a collaborative group of NAAs (numbering 26 globally) to develop a suite of software tools to support regulatory oversight.

    Thirty-plus modules cover all areas of the aviation regulator’s remit grouped under personnel licensing, organisation approval, technical areas (type certification, aircraft registry etc.), plus central modules managing security, reporting, interfaces, contact management and a surveillance layer for regulations, audits, findings etc.

    Planned extensions will contain performance and risk based surveillance. EMPIC-EAP® interfaces to archiving, document management, examination and ERP-systems, the ECCAIRS occurrence tool, and provides self-service access to stakeholders via a web client.

    TACO Technologies EMPIC
    TACO Technologies organisational charting
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